What is the Keto Sistas Corner?

The Keto Sistas Corner is a safe, non-judgmental place for women who are currently living the ketogenic lifestyle to come together, hang out and support each other while on our journey of getting healthier.

What is the mission behind The Keto Sistas Corner?

My mission and heart behind this community is to help spread hope to women who need a little bit of motivation to stay the course.

  Creating a safe space and support group for women to come together, learn new ways to be successful on keto, motivate one another and just allowing ourselves to breathe.

  Helping Women Break Down Barriers That May Be Hindering Their Growth

  Bringing necessary topics to the light that may not be discussed often.

Keto Man Cave joe

About The Founder :

I created the Keto Sistas Corner to help bridge the gap between the keto and low-carb community and encourage more unity between us sistas.

I started my ketogenic journey in July 2019 alongside my husband Joseph and did not have all the resources that are available to us now. I went from weighing 253.6 to now weighing 162 and I feel absolutely amazing!

We will be talking about a lot of great topics such as:

arrow-purpal Anxiety and Keto
arrow-purpal PTSD and Keto
arrow-purpal Overcoming sugar addictions

And much, much more!!